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Timeliness & Price

Actually, after takeoff, the delivery duration of express shipping to your door is within 3-5 working days, faster than that of air freight within 7-9 working days. And, their prices are almost the same shown a soaring and unstable trend.

Package Size & Weight

The weight of a single parcel without surcharge is 12-21 kg. There will be the overweight fee for over 21 kg per parcel, and the oversize fee for the longest side over 121 cm or the second longest size over 75cm per parcel.

Customs Duties & Difference

Air freight fee covers US customs taxes, but express shipping fee won’t cover that when product value exceeds $800. Volumetric weight per carton of air & sea freight = LWH/6000, and LWH/5000 for express shipping.

Actual Weight & Volumetric Weight

The chargeable weight per package will take the higher one between its volume weight and actual weight.

Just like two parcels of the same size, one full of cotton and the other full of iron, they will be respectively charged based on its volumetric weight and actual weight.

Actually, when the quantity, especially the size of goods is large, Sea LCL shipment by Matson will be a quite attractive option within 18-20 working days to the delivery address after the departure of Matson.

However, express and air freight are still the most effective transportation modes for urgent freight needs.

Air Freight & Express

No matter your urgent shipping needs, expedite transportation is an optimum solution. Cooperating with ContainerFromChina to solve your time-sensitive logistics challenges, and keep your supply chain running smoothly. Orders shipped via International Express delivery typically arrive in 2-4 business days after takeoff and Air delivery arrive in 5-8 business days after takeoff.

1. Consolidate & Load goods on pallet

2. Send out goods to airline & Takeoff

3. UPS or FedEx for final delivery

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