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Amazon FBA Freight Forwarding

We optimize your FBA preparations and shipping processes.

Teams in both China and US accumulating with ten’s years of solid experience in FBA logistics. Based in China and US, our teams in China focus on preparing and forwarding. Our US office is responsible for customs clearance and delivering to Amazon warehouses. We manage our freights with transparent tracking and on time delivery, ensuring your Amazon orders’ fulfillment.

Shipping to Amazon FBA Warehouses

Transparent Tracking

Our mature tracking system monitors your shipments in real-time, providing you the tracking links and logistics progress. One day before delivery we will make an appointment with you to make sure you will receive the goods properly.

Ensuring Scheduled Time

We always meet the scheduled delivery time and keeping you informed about the progress. Keeping a reliable business relationship with Amazon, we have the superior rights to make the appointments with Amazon for the inbound, especially for the full container inbound.

Fair Charges

Prices mostly rely on the transit cost. We have been building the cooperation with vessel companies, truck companies in the long run and we own our FedEx, UPS accounts. Those advantages enable us to provide the sufficient spaces and fair prices.

Shipping Methods


Fastest Choice
Delivery Time 4-9 days


Most Popular
Delivery Time 10-15 days

By Sea

Most Economical
Delivery Time around 35 days

Whichever shipping method you choose, we all provide pick up, storage, customs clearance services with final delivery.

0.9USD/kg for shipping from China to ONT8 in CA USA!

FBA Prep Services

Customized PREP Pricing for Your Amazon Shipping Needs

As a professional Amazon forwarding service provider, we are always ready with offering FBA PREP services. Inquiring our customer service team, choosing the Amazon warehouse, packaging, labeling and kitting services and we will provide a solution based on your warehouse location, shipping route, required delivery time and other personal needs.

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Why Us

No Hidden Fees

We charge what we quote. You know clearly what you are paying for your logistics needs from our invoice statement.


We are equipped with professional consulting and operation teams to better optimize your Amazon orders’ fulfillment.