Adequate vessel space and door to door freight solution
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FCL & LCL Shipments

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We’re able to get the SO directly from main reputable shipping carriers like Matson, COSCO, EVERGREEN, OOCL etc., and assure your cargo will load on vessel at earliest date when your goods are ready. Once your cargo arrives at destination port, it will usually take about one week to be discharged and picked up from port, then deliver cargo to your final door address.


We’ll check and inspect your goods before shipment, monitoring and controlling all aspects of links. Based on the US logistics for 10+ years, we have fully capacity of managing all kinds of emergencies during transportation and purchasing reasonable and suitable cargo insurance if needed. All of your shipments can be tracked and traced in real time.


No worries, all cost is transparent with no hidden charges. Specialized in providing one-stop service, we handle your cargo from pickup to final door address which includes all paperwork documents, customs clearance, tax & duties, inland delivery. Our professional team will cure your freight headaches. No matter your challenge, we’ll find a solution.

Five outstanding advantages for FCL Shipments

1. Faster Transit Time

Nearest sail schedule, no waiting for other cargos to be loaded; Less handling, no need to be unloaded in transit warehouse.

2. Less Possibility for Damage

Bulky items, large in size like furniture, decorated with fragile ceramics, glass, or flat-screen, etc.

3. Exclusive Space and Route

After loading cargos at pickup factory, the container will be sealed and directly transported to you via destination port, and only be unloaded while arriving at delivery address.

4. Favorable Price

Much more favorable cost than air freight and express.

5. Adequate Shipping Space

For urgent or regular mass shipment, FCL Shipment is best to meet your needs.

General Procedure for Shipping by Sea LCL / FCL

freight flow

Size & Capacity

The picture is for reference only, please see the text on the right for an accurate description.

Due to the US road weight limits of 19.5, the maximum loading capacity of the container will be less than 18 tons plus about 2 tons of the container weight.

Especially to the Eastern United States, the maximum cargo capacity of a 20-foot container is about 7 tons.

See the four kinds of dry containers dimension for international shipping as following:

20’GP: External Dimensions: 20’×8’×8’6’’ Inside Capacity: 5.69m×2.13m×2.18m Volume: 24-26cbm

40’GP: External Dimensions: 40’×8’×8’6’’; Inside Capacity: 11.8m×2.13m×2.18m; Volume: 54cbm

40’HQ: External Dimensions: 40’×8’×9’6’’; Inside Capacity: 11.8m×2.13m×2.72m; Volume: 68cbm

45’HQ: External Dimensions: 45’×8’×9’6’’; Inside Capacity: 13.56m×2.35m×2.7m; Volume: 86cbm